Mallomonas annulata

General information

Description: Harris, K. (1967): Variability in Mallomonas. - Journal of General Microbiology 46: 185-191.

Basionym: Mallomonas papillosa f. annulata: Harris, K. & Bradley, D. E. (1960): A taxonomic study of Mallomonas. - Journal of General Microbiology 22: 750-777.

Autecology: pH indifferent, prefers cold water.

Distribution: widely distributed.

Image gallery

Cinska pool, Luznice
Author: Magda
Nove Ocko pool, Luznice
Author: Magda
Topolova pool, Luznice
Author: Magda
Brehynsky Pond - Czech Republic
Author: ynemcova


Distribution map

Frequency of occurrence - pH

Frequency of occurrence - conductivity (μS/cm)