Mallomonas eoa

General information

Description: Takahashi, E. 1963: Studies on genera Mallomonas, Synura and other plankton in fresh-water with electron microscope. IV. On two new species of Mallomonas found in ditches at Tsuruoka in North-East of Japan. Ibid., 4, 2: 169-187.

Latin diagnosis in: ASMUND, B. & TAKAHASHI, E. (1969): Studies on Chrysophyceae from some ponds and lakes in Alaska VIII. Mallomonas species examined with the electron microscope II. - Hydrobiologia 34: 305-321.

Autecology: mesotrophic to eutrophic, probably alkaliphilic, prefers cold waters.

Distribution: widely distributed. 


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scales, Luznice pools
Author: Magda
Nezarka A
Author: Magda

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