Spiniferomonas trioralis

General information

Description: Takahashi, E. (1973): Studies on genera Mallomonas and Synura, and other plankton in freshwater with electron microscope VII. New genus Spiniferomonas of the Synuraceae (Chrysophyceae). - Bot. Mag. Tokyo 86: 75-88. 

Autecology: acidophilic to pH indifferent, temperature tolerant. 

Distribution: cosmopolitan, widely distributed.

List of records

Locality Sampling datesort ascending pH Conductivity (μS/cm) Temperature (°C) Coordinates References
Lizhmozero, Karelia 62.623036, 34.068489 BALONOV (1979)
Hjortekaer 0.000000, 0.000000 HANSEN et al. (1993b)
Ihlsee 7.8 136 53.960126, 10.299997 HICKEL & MAASS (1989)
Syamozero, Karelia 61.962844, 33.083839 BALONOV (1979)


Distribution map

Frequency of occurrence - pH

Frequency of occurrence - conductivity (μS/cm)