Mallomonas asmundiae

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Description: Nicholls, K. H. (1982): Mallomonas species (Chrysophyceae) from Ontario, Canada, including descriptions of two new species. - Nova Hedwigia 36: 89-124.

Basionym: Wujek, D. E. & Van der Veer, J. (1976): Scaled Chrysophytes from the Netherlands including a description of a new variety. – Acta Bot. Neerl. 25: 179-190

Autecology: pH indifferent, prefers cold water.

Distribution: cosmopolitan, widely distributed.

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Zeller Loch, Fulda
Author: admin
Zeller Loch, Fulda
Author: admin
Zeller Loch, Fulda, with M. insignis
Author: admin
Pond on Bolotnytsya river
Author: Dmitry Kapustin

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